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Tungsten engagement rings

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So your bride to be wants to have a fairytale proposal with a diamond engagement ring? Great, but who is paying for this ring? Some of us can’t comfortably afford diamond engagement rings for one reason or another. Maybe you are a young couple who is just starting out. As a young couple, you may have barely entered the workforce, which means your savings account probably isn’t ready for an investment as costly as diamond engagement rings. Maybe you’re responsible enough to recognize you need a budget, maybe you’re just a cheapskate, or maybe you aren’t convinced you should spend a fortune just in case the marriage plans fall through. Whatever your reason is, I won’t judge you, but I can help you with some pointers on how to stretch your dollar to get the best bang for your buck. Shopping for diamond engagement rings is more strategic than you might think. There are so many aspects of diamond engagement rings, and you should choose which of those aspects deserve the bulk of your budget.

Faceted tungsten rings

Let’s start with the setting of the ring. Diamond engagement rings are usually set in either gold or platinum. Since you are looking to budget you’re spending, you should look at the setting as your best opportunity to save a lot of money. Most women would agree that the main attraction is the diamond, so that’s where you should funnel your money. You can get away with having an attractive ring, even if you go with one of the lesser expensive precious metals for the setting. That means you should avoid platinum. You can achieve a similar look with white gold, and it is less expensive. Color of the gold won’t affect the price. Yellow, white, and rose gold diamond engagement rings are of equal value. Go for a lower karat of gold to save even more money at your desertion.

Even more attention must be given to the diamond itself. Consider it the main event. When people first lay eyes upon a ring, they direct all attention to the diamond. Diamond engagement rings house all sorts of diamonds. Their value is greatly dependent on the four C’s — cut, clarity, color, and carat. This is where you need to be strategic with your money. For a diamond, each category in the four C’s receives it own grade which will greatly change the price. Focus your budget in buying a center diamond that puts emphasis on carat and clarity. These two aspects represent the size and the brilliance of the stone.

tungsten wedding ring Brushed

Go out there and experience some of the varieties of diamond engagement rings before settling on one. You’ll need to make sure you get the perfect right because designer jewelry stores probably won’t give you all your money back for a return.

buying diamond engagement rings is always going to be expensive. Unless you’re proposing to someone who has already told you get don’t want a diamond ring, then you should be prepared to drop some cash on this thing. But some people are looking forward to spending a lot on diamond engagement rings. Maybe it is because they have no problem affording it, or maybe because they don’t mind spending a luxurious amount in order to please their bride-to-be. Whatever your intentions, you should be prepared with some knowledge before you march into a designer jewelry store with a naïve, impressionable mind and a pocket full of spending money. Those designer jewelry salesmen can have mixed intentions depending on where you go. Sure they will offer you impressive diamond engagement rings, and they want you to leave with a nice one. But some won’t hesitate to get the most out of you and maybe even pair you with a product they’ve had in the display case for too long now.

Brand New Tungsten Personalized Ring

If you are prepared to look at some of the biggest and most eye catching diamond engagement rings, then you are undoubtedly looking for a nice, big, shiny rock to be the centerpiece of this jaw dropping symbol of love. The diamond has always been the main attraction, and you are looking to make the heavy bulk of your purchase centered on the gem. Smart move, but wait just a minute. Mindlessly selecting a gigantic diamond is never cool. You should stop and consider the quality of the diamond. Not all diamonds are the same. In fact, every single one of them is unique. Natural diamonds come with various inclusions and imperfections that devalue the stone. On many occasions, the larger diamonds are full of these little blemishes. If you want to maximize the value of your diamond, go for diamond engagement rings that put an emphasis on clarity. Clarity defines the amount of imperfections in the diamond. Aim for high clarity grades. They will shine brighter and leave her friends jealous and in awe of your selection.

Be wary of the large diamonds when going for expensive diamond engagement rings, but never shy away. You are trying to go big and bold aren’t you? One word: carat. The carat of the diamond gives you an idea of what you’re really dealing with. In short, higher carat = bigger diamond. Go big but be careful (remember clarity). One of the first things her girlfriends and mother will ask her is how many carats it is. A small number will leave her girlfriends looking at her in a semi-awkward fashion as they flex their foreheads, look her in the eyes and deliver a sarcastic “oh, well that’s nice.”

Don’t let that happen. Now you’re ready for expensive diamond engagement rings. It’s all about the diamond. Remember that carat and clarity are your best friends.

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